MD Ismail 508

I like Sakib-al-Hasan very much. I want to be an allrounder like him one day. That's why i practice cricket everyday.

   August 17 th, 2009
   WAITING 8 Months

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We also organise child rights and
program which also helps the community

Child Development Program

Hygiene Practice & Training

Medical Checkups

Nutritious Food

Education Assistance

Safe Drinking Water

What will you get by sponsoring a child

  • Child’s Full Details
  • Child Photos
  • Letter from Sponsored Child
  • Our Monthly Newsletter
  • Email about our Program
  • Online website of MASTUL: by which you can check all updates about your sponsored child

What is the cost of the child sponsorship?

The amount of sponsoring a child is BDT 1000 or USD 13 per month.

FAQ About Child Sponsor

This program provides quality education sponsorship for underprivileged children from poorest family and they are studying from play to 5 in different schools. These children are good at the study but struggling for the educational support which is very needed to continue their study. Some of them want to be a doctor, engineer and other wants to do something for society. They are growing with the chain of poverty as their parents are working as a daily laborer, hawker, small vendors and rickshaw/van puller.

This program will allow these children to study well and to be self-reliant to earn for their family in future and achieve their goals or dream.

Our mission of child sponsorship and development program is to support a child until he/she become self-reliant, skilled and efficient to stand on his/her own under the umbrella of personal, organizational or government support. It means supporting financially for education, health, and economic security. With this program, an individual can contribute to the development of community people in addition to helping a child.

You can read a child simply visiting our website ( ). As there are many child profiles updated in our website with child’s information, photo, says and story. You can also search for a child by age, class and birth date. We ensure you that our every child is in need as most of them lives in the same community.

If you don’t have any choose or you are unable to choose any specific child we request you to contact with our sponsorship dept. (+8801730 48 22 79). We will meet you and show the profile of child we preferred for you.

  •  A copy of signing the paper for Child Sponsorship.
  • Childs details
  • Thank you card from Child

Quarterly you will get an envelope along with the below-described documents.

  • Child’s letter / Drawing.
  • Greetings card.
  • Wish card/hand printing
  • Program’s monthly report / Newsletter

You will be receiving the first envelope of this program within 2/3 weeks after beginning your sponsorship.

Dear Sir/Madam, when you are sponsoring through MASTUL Foundation, you are lending a hand of humanity for underprivileged children.

Your monthly contribution BDT 1000 or USD 13 is enabling them to continue their education and other basic needs.

As the sponsor, you care able to see how this money is being used in details. That will be spent for school dress, shoes, books, tuition fees, school supplies, educational equipment’s nutritious foods program, child development, cultural training and hygiene program.

Our direct cost to sponsor a child is BDT 1000 or USD 13, who lives with their family. Each of them has a dream to study, but the chain of poverty does not give the opportunity to study them. Their family does not have the necessary support to send their children to school. We ask you to contribute to our CSP program with an amount of BDT 1000 or USD 13 monthly.

MASTUL Foundation also requires a non-refundable USD 39 (BDT 3,000) Transition Deposit at the beginning of each new sponsorship.