20 oxygen cylinders for suffering corona patients


  • MASTUL Foundation would like to propose a budget for 26522-530440 Taka to buy 1-20 oxygen cylinders to provide free oxygen service to corona patients and patients of other diseases. The service will be available for free for all underprivileged people.


  • The necessary expenses to continue our free ambulance service project handled by MASTUL Foundation.


  • We prefer not to go into monetary transactions. Rather, we would like the 20 oxygen cylinders to be handed over to us. And it is up to you how many cylinders you want to donate. There is no pressure as long-run relations are more important.


  • MASTUL Foundation is a registered civil society organization in Bangladesh that works for the welfare of humankind.


  • Since the outbreak of Corona, we have been giving free ambulance and oxygen service to corona victims.


  • There are countless poor people who need oxygen and ambulance service but cannot get it as a result of inadequate money.


  • To help corona patients and the underprivileged, we need 20 oxygen cylinders.


Corona Patients

The outbreak of Corona has led to countless deaths across the country. It is a contagious virus that spreads easily. The victims of Corona die a painful death within a short time of contraction. It is truly a horrendous disease that devastates families.


As a result of the impact of Coronavirus, the need for ambulance and oxygen service has increased phenomenally in the underprivileged communities of Bangladesh

People simply do not have the means for oxygen or ambulance service. When a person is contaminated by Corona, most people refuse to deal with the situation. So there is little support from the community when it comes to handling corona patients.


It is difficult to lead the people of society out of their misconceptions and ignorance that result from fear. And it is even harder to travel with Corona patients in any location that is inhabited by people who are scared of Corona.

Poor People

Our country is on its way to competing with developed countries and it is showing rapid progress in economic growth. However, we still have people in our country who are unable to earn enough money to buy one meal a day, let alone support a family.


The poor people of Bangladesh may not have much but they have their rights and that can be a powerful tool for equality. The assistance of corona patients should not be the matter of how much wealth you have but rather, it should be a God-given right.


Sadly, many people with low incomes do not have the means of hiring ambulances and paying for oxygen. It is a serious matter that goes beyond sorrow that families have to bear all their lives. The issue is one that needs rapid response as the suffering of corona patients increases rapidly.


Donate for oxygen service for the poor corona patients


Bkash (Payment)- 01730482278

নগদ (Payment)- 01730482279

contact and Bkash (send money)- 01730482281

Project Officer number-01302947481

Donate to  https://www.mastul.net/donate/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MastulFoundation/



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