20 taka to Feed one dog project

So you love dogs but you are too busy and old to take the time to feed a dog. MASTUL Foundation has 1400 volunteers who are ready to feed dogs across the world who are starving on the streets.Our Target is to feed 100,000 dogs who are weak and hungry. The price of a meal is only 20 taka.

Thank the lord that 20 taka is nothing for most middle and upper class Bangladesh. And these are the people who can make a difference. Imagine a donation of just 1000 taka. That is enough to feed 50 hungry dogs

The food contains rice gravy and bits of meat and the amount is generous. Please find it in your  heart to feed an adorable dog for just 20 taka.


bKash (Payment)- 01730482278

নগদ (Payment)- 01730482279

contact and Bkash (send money)- 01730482281

Project Officer number-01302947481

Donate to  https://www.mastul.net/donate/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MastulFoundation/



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৳ 2,600 raised of ৳ 20,000 goal

৳ 17,400 to go

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