Free drug rehabilitation center for underprivileged boys and Men


Executive summary:

MASTUL Foundation would like to propose a budget of 200,000 taka to set up a free drug rehabilitation centre for underprivileged boys and men. It will be a place where poor boys and men can get rid of their drug habits so that they can be reliable and stable people who can be there for their families instead of bringing harm to their families.


Statement of the problem:

The poor are financially fragile. They need to be disciplined while spending money or else there are consequences that all members of the family face including the women and children. When a male gets into drugs he starts to spend money carelessly. He takes loans that he cannot repay. He starts selling the families resources. In the worst cases, he sells off his female family members to others.

The sad truth is that rehabilitation centres are made for rich people who do not impose such a great threat to their families. This is a major flaw in our system that has gone unnoticed till now. For this reason, a free rehabilitation centre has to be created targeting the poor.


The objective is to bring back stability in the lives of poor families by sending their unreliable male family members to free drug rehabilitation centres so that they can get clean, responsible and capable once more.

Support us

Please find it in your heart to help us establish a free drug rehabilitation centre for the poor so that they can get out of the vicious cycle of poverty instead of plummeting even further into depths of despair.


To Get Involved


MASTUL receives program donations or sponsorship amounts through Cash or Bank. In case of any donation or sponsorship, we would like you to contact us.

Contact Information

You can get connected with MASTUL in a number of ways. Visiting us at our office, giving us a knock at our social media pages (Facebook and website) giving us a call or last but not least, sending us an email. Below our contact information is mentioned:

MASTUL Office Address:

MASTUL Foundation, 244/ka, Sultanganj Road, West Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209

Call us at +8801715097762 (Whatsapp Also)

Project Coordinator: +8801730482279

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