Free International University for underprivileged people

Executive summary

The sustainable development goal of quality education can only be achieved if the goal is confronted from a grass route level. Education should not be paid. It should be free for all. Furthermore, the quality of education should be of universal and international standard. MASTUL Foundation would like to start a Free International University for Underprivileged people. It will not discriminate, ethnicity, culture, religion, economic ability, gender, nation or anything else.

Statement of the problem

Education is very expensive and without it, people have very little chance in living a fulfilling life. It is very difficult to raise a family. People under the poverty line tend to admit their children into primary education. However, the drop out level is very high. As a result, they do not complete university.


Without a proper education people end up with jobs that are inhumane. We can do better as an advanced civilization. We can surpass the sustainable development goal of quality education and set a new standard for the world.


The objective is to create a free university that is of universal and international standard that upholds the quality of education that is required to surpass obstacles in life, raise a family and contribute to the economy.


The university will offer courses such as English, Humanity and more to prepare the students to take on international challenges.


Come forward and contribute to the free university for underprivileged young people. Only you can give the world a solution.

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