Free Ultrasound Center for underprivileged women


Problem Statement of Need Assessment

The underprivileged community of Bangladesh has a lack of quality education, a lack of access to information, a lack of understanding of effective family planning, a reluctance to use contraceptives to save money, domestic violence as a result of sexual demands by males, and the misconception that more children lead to more sources of income. All this results in a high birth rate.

Pregnancy is a very sensitive time when women need attention and nurturing. This is not provided by families who are in poverty as there are not enough resources to facilitate the woman’s needs. Other than that, the prevalence of domestic violence regardless of pregnancy makes it risky for the mother and the unborn child.

All this results in the need for affordable ultrasounds. However, the poor women have to pay around 500 Taka. This creates a reluctance to perform ultrasounds even when it is crucially necessary. Not doing ultrasounds may lead to not being able to treat development complications when it is necessary. The result is hazardous to both the life of the mother and child.

For this reason, MASTUL foundation will only charge an amount of 50 taka for ultrasounds so that the price of ultrasounds does not scare away the poor from accessing necessary treatment and care. And all this will be possible if an amount of 50,000 Taka is invested.

Level of Need in the Sector

The level of need in the sector is very high as most underprivileged families are not equipped to pay 500 Taka for ultrasounds especially in this corona pandemic. The birth rate is much higher among underprivileged communities and the need for ultrasounds at an affordable rate is not met with an appropriate solution. The affordability of ultrasounds is necessary for the equal distribution of health services among the Bangladesh population. MASTUL’s free ambulance service will add to the affordable price of ultrasound to give a humanitarian solution to the need for ultrasounds in the underprivileged community of Bangladesh.

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