Fund Mainuddin’s Medical Treatment so that he can support his children

Fund Mainuddin’s Medical Treatment so that he can support his children

Mainuddin Lived in Barishal, Bhola. He has two sons and one daughter. He worked as a tailor and had a good life. Mainuddin’s wife supported him in his work and they had enough to provide for their family.

One day at work, his hand started shivering for no reason. He did not pay any attention to it. However, after a few days, he fainted in the streets. When he woke up, he realized that his legs were not functioning correctly. He did not seem to have the energy to walk. Mainuddin struggled to go home and when he finally reached home, he informed his family about what he was experiencing.

His family admitted him to a hospital. All his veins were drying up rendering him unable to do the easiest of tasks like lifting a bottle or walking. Mainuddin’s treatment required around 4 hundred thousand Taka. However, that was not enough, he had to sell all his property too.

Though he went through intensive medical treatment, more was required and he simply did not have enough money for it. He had to be pushed around in a wheelchair for everyday activities.

Seeing that his family depends on his income, he came to Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh, to beg. This was the only way that he would be able to support his family. After all, he had a child going to school in Dhaka and another one in a madrasah in his home village.

Mainuddin has been begging for the last few years. With the money that he earns, he feeds his family, buys medicine, and pays for his children’s education. Sadly, he is in no condition to beg on the streets. He requires assistance to move from one place to another and hands and feet barely function.

Outsiders misbehave with him and even his wife loses her patience with him as he is unable to do anything anymore. Mainuddin begs with great difficulty and when he does not, his family goes hungry.

MASTUL Foundation spoke to Mainuddin. He told us that if he gets the scope to receive complete treatment for his condition then he will return to being a tailor and support his family. He is tired of begging and does not want to do it anymore.

For his treatment, Mainuddin needs to be sent to India and he will require 3.5 lac Taka to cover all expenses. Let us all pitch in so that we can give him the money that he needs to complete his treatment. It will be an act of kindness that will affect the lives of not only Mainuddin but also his young children. If we can empower this family then they will be forever grateful and they will try to help others who need help. MASTUL Foundation invites you to tell Mainuddin and his family that we are here for you.


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