Land For the Body washing of Dead Bodies

We will all pass away eventually and none of us wants to be financial burdens for our families after death. The cost of funerals are expensive and can even put whole families into debt. MASTUL makes the whole funeral process free for underprivileged people. However, MASTUL requires a small bit of land where bodies can be washed and prepared for burial.

MASTUL Foundation started the Funeral and Medical Aid Project at the start of the Pandemic. It is a project that provides free ambulance, oxygen and burial service for the poor. MASTUL Believes that the emergency medical and funeral service should be free for all. To ensure that MASTUL’s funeral and medical aid Project is accessible by all Bangladeshis, MASTUL needs a small amount of land where dead bodies can be washed.

Here are the achievements of the Medical and Funeral Project

Cause Supported 2020 Supported 2021 Percentage increase during Corona (2020-2021)
Burials of Corona affected people – 550 1060 92.73
Bathing of dead people – 325 520 60.00
Oxygen to patients – 960 1610 67.71
Free Ambulance Services – 370 780 110.81
PPE and Safety Equipment Distribution – 3500 5300 51.43
Awareness Programs – 30 55 83.33



Help MASTUL acquire the necessary land for bathing dead bodies for free. It will ensure countless families from going into debt as a result of funeral costs. Donate Today.


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