Orphan child renewable and sustainable scholarship

Orphan children have little scope to have a normal fulfilling time as a result of poverty and no access to education. They have no parents who are going to feed them, take care of them or pay for their education.

MASTUL Foundation is going to support a child every 2 years by providing food and shelter who gets a full education scholarship that covers all the academic costs of primary school, secondary school, collage and university.

The orphan child receiving the scholarship will have an actual shot at life. He or she will have the ability to help other children in need after becoming someone important.


Please contribute to the orphan scholarship program to provide quality education for one deserving child every 2 years. Your humanitarian compassion and contribution will be never forgiven.


Executive Summary

MASTUL Foundation is proposing a budget of 2,500,000 Taka to 3,000,000 Taka for a permanent and renewable scholarship grant for the youngest underprivileged or orphan children.


The money will be fixed-deposited In the post office that yields 25 thousand Taka per month or 296 USD. (or 75 thousand every 3 months). This monthly source of money will enable the Scholarship program.


Scholarship Program

The money from the fixed deposit at the post office will build up and pay for the scholarship for the youngest underprivileged or orphan children every 2 years. The beneficiary will be picked by a scoring system. The Scholarship should be given to a child as early as possible so that he or she receives special treatment and has time to prepare for the future.


Eligibility of receiving a scholarship (Scoring System)

The eligibility of a child to receive a full scholarship depends on a scoring system that is given below:


  1. Underprivileged: (MANDATORY)                 20 points
  2. Youngest:    (MANDATORY)                            20 points
  3. Disability (mental or physical) or trauma:    10 points
  4. Female Child:                                                      10 points
  5. Orphan:                                                               10 points


  • A total score out of 70 points will decide who gets the scholarship.
  • Each Nonprofit can elect one child from their school/shelter/orphanage whom they feel is most eligible.
  • A meeting will be held among nonprofit partners to decide who is most eligible to receive a scholarship out of all elected children. Every party will try to prove that their case.

BUDGET BREAKDOWN: Details of How The Money Is Going To be Used

MASTUL Foundation is proposing a budget of 2,500,000 Taka to 3,000,000 Taka


The money will be fixed-deposited in the post office that yields 25 thousand Taka per month or 296 USD. (or 75 thousand every 3 months).


(For 25 Lacs a depositor will get Taka 62, 100 every three months. Average 20,700 per month.) -5% tax=19,665 taka


  •  14665 to 20000 Taka saved every month for the Renewable Grant




About MASTUL Foundation

MASTUL Foundation is a welfare, non-profit, voluntary, non-governmental, research-based, and social development organization for the service of distressed humanity. From the very establishment of this organization, it’s working on education, health service, entertainment for underprivileged children.

To provide basic literature and ethical knowledge towards the underprivileged children in the year 2013 MASTUL was established. With a vision to create a better future for underprivileged children by the year 2016, MASTUL started to provide sustainable support. MASTUL Foundation is registered by Bangladesh Government under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 from the Joint Stock Companies & Firms. Charity no is S3613/402



MASTUL Office Address: MASTUL Foundation, 244/ka, Nimtola, Sultanganj Road, West Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209

Call us at:  +8801730482279

Email address: mastulfoundation@gmail.com

Project officer, phone: 01730482278

Project officer, Email: mastulfoundation@gmail.com

Website: www.mastul.net


Bkash (Payment)- 01730482278

নগদ (Payment)- 01730482279

contact and Bkash (send money)- 01730482281

Project Officer number-01302947481

Donate to  https://www.mastul.net/donate/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MastulFoundation/



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