Plantation of trees for a greener Bangladesh for our children to live in

Executive summary

The cost of planting a tree is 200 taka including all expenses including labor.

MASTUL foundation would like to propose a budget of 500,000 taka to plant a trees in your motherland, Bangladesh to bring back its old glory and majesty.

Statement of the problem

Bangladesh was once lush green wherever you looked. However, now the land is not the same anymore. The cities are grey instead of green and even the villages have been stripped of trees for farming land. Even our pride and joy, sundarban mangrove forest is a fraction of what it was and it is affecting the ecosystem and life that it once sustained. The royal Bengal tiger now has very little land to hide in and is going to be extinct if things do not change.


We need trees badly as the climate is highly influenced by the existence of trees. We are plummeting into an era of global warming and there is no escaping it. The entire human race along with all our living friends are suffering. The suffering will not end but rather excel if there is not action.


The solution is very simple. All we need to do is plant trees, take care of trees and respect nature. As the number of trees increases, so will the level of pure air to breath, there will be more cool shade and more Eco systems and creatures will flourish.

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