Pure water facility for Rohingya Refugee Camp

MASTUL would like to propose a budget of BDT 927,649 to install and operate a pure water facility for Rohingya Refugees.


MASTUL Foundation is a registered civil society organization in Bangladesh that works for the welfare of humankind.


The project has been taken to provide pure drinkable water to Rohingya Refugees. The project will be implemented at the Refugee Camp of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.


Through this project, a water providing facility will be created to provide safe drinkable water to Rohingya Refugee people to sustain their need for drinking, bathing, Odu, and other purposes relevant to the use of the water


The Name and Type of this proposal

Pure Water Facility: Safe Drinkable Water Facility for Rohingya People

What is a Pure Water Facility?

A pure water facility provides safe drinkable water to refugee people. This facility consists of several different independent mechanisms to fetch water from the ground and provide that water to people without any need for physical labor.

Problem Statement of Need Assessment


On the date of August 25th, 2017 people started to flee to Bangladesh from Myanmar. These people are identified as the Rohingya community who live in the region of Rakhine State of Myanmar.


The reason for their evacuation is that they were persecuted by Myanmar Government and with no other choice but only to save their life, they were forced to evacuate to Bangladesh.


By November at least an amount of 1 million Rohingya people fled to Bangladesh.

During their evacuation, as they were busy with only the thought of survival in

mind, they could not carry any financially valuable things with them.


After coming to Bangladesh, they were forced to live in temporary unhygienic shacks. But the sufferings did not stop there. They lack pure drinkable water sources.


The water source they drink from is not hygienic. It contains zinc and other chemicals that are harmful to health. Due to drinking from these water sources, they are suffering from stomach aches, diarrhea, and other water-caused problems. If a solution is not found in time, an epidemic may breakout.

Level of Need in the Sector

The water facility will be installed on Kutupalong, Cox’s Bazar. Kutupalong has 30 Rohingya camps that act as a temporary settlement for Rohingya people. The population of each Rohingya Camp at Kutupalong is around thirty to forty thousand people. and in a recent survey, it has been seen that refugees are moving and creating more settlements in this area leading to an increase in population.


The plain of the area where they are living right now consists of rocky mountains. There are no trees available at the mountain to provide shade to the people. For not having any trees the surface of that area is sandy. Due to the nature of the environment, there is no source of water available in that area. There may be some creek but the amount of it is not sufficient and the water is polluted. Many of the deep tube-wells that fetched pure water from the ground are disabled. The people there are in urgent need of a water source that will provide them pure drinkable water that they can rely on in the long run.



MASTUL Foundation would like to create a facility that will provide safe drinking water to Rohingya people. The facility will have a water storage system. There will not be any requirement for manual labor as the water facility will have mechanical means that can fetch water 700 feet below the ground at the cost of fuel.


This facility will free Rohingya people from the burden of always tirelessly looking for safe drinking water. It will also decrease diseases and unwanted deaths caused by drinking unhygienic water.


As the facility will have a water storage system, the refugees can fetch water at any time of the day and only need to run the machine for a few moments of the day.


The other benefit of the facility is that it does not need any physical labor. So the refugees do not have to expend a lot of time or do a lot of hard work which is burdensome to their physical and health condition.


This facility can serve up to 1000 people a day. This facility will provide water to Muslims who have come to the mosque for doing their prayer with the purpose to

provide them the water to do ‘Odu’.


It will also be able to serve up to 200 families per day by providing water for drinking and other uses.


This facility will help the refugee be free from any diseases due to drinking contaminated water. It will also ensure good health as they will have sufficient water to drink every day, unlike the days they had to remain thirsty or dehydrated.

How Water Facility Will Help


As explained in the Needs section, Rohingya refugees are in urgent need of a facility that will provide safe drinking water to them. As this facility is needed urgently, MASTUL has planned to establish this facility.


Some of the activities are mentioned below:


  • Provide water to Muslim to do their Odu


  • Provide pure drinking water to nourish the body and prevent dehydration.


  • Provide water to do everyday tasks that require water like baths, cooking, etc.


  • No physical labor will be needed in the facility. So the refugees do not

have to concern themselves about the labor of fetching water from the ground.


  • This facility will fetch water from 700 feet underground so the water will be the purest.


  • This facility has a lower possibility to stop working as the facility will have a

stronger working system.


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