Save a minor sex worker or female child of prostitute from dawladia sex slum

Daulatdia is a sex slum with a very high concentration of prostitutes living there and serving men from all over Bangladesh.


Minor sex workers


There are many young children who are captured by traffickers who then sell the little girls to “pimps” or “Madams”. The money that the pimp pays is now the debt that the young girl has to pay back to the pimp.

The poor little girls end up having sex with 10 or more men everyday with out getting anything in return as she is repaying her debt.


MASTUL foundation foundation has the volunteer power to rescue minor sex slaves if the cost of the emergency rescue operation is covered by concerned members of society.

Female Child of Prostitute

Another  matter of concern is the female children of prostitutes. These little girls often get stuck adopting her mothers profession at a very early age. This awful fate can be changed if the child is taken out of Daulatdia and raised in a child friendly zone.


MASTUL Foundation has the capacity to shelter and raise such a little girl if the rescue mission is financed by concerned citizens.


Everyone deserves a good future and this is true regardless of background or any other factor.


Fund The rescue mission of saving a minor prostitute or a daughter of a prostitute from the sex slum. The money you pay will be used to pay back the debt of the poor child so that she can be set free.

Bkash (Payment)- 01730482278

নগদ (Payment)- 01730482279

contact and Bkash (send money)- 01730482281

Project Officer number-01302947481

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