Transform a Lots of Young Minds Through MASTUL Foundation

Allen- A meritious student of MASTUL Foundation, came from Ruma, Bandarban. Her parents are poor farmers and unable to bear the education cost of Allen. Even in her community, the chance of getting a quality education is still challenging for several issues. 

But this young girl has a lot of dreams to chase! 

Fortunately, a local representative of the MASTUL Foundation noticed all of the issues and applied the MASTUL Foundation for her study on behalf of her parents. After considering her critical condition and her high-ambitious dreams, the MASTUL Foundation accepted this application. 

Now, she is growing up at Mastul Shelter home, getting the chance to study, enjoying all the fundamental rights, and a platform to bloom her dreams. 

All of these things become possible for the supporters and well-wishers like you. 

Through your generosity, we can even support more children like Allen. Please forward your helping hand to sponsor one or multiple children and be a part of positive changes. 


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Sponsoring a child is a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need.