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MASTUL Foundation has trained and given sewing machines to many women in different districts of Bangladesh. The project aims to ensure the empowerment of underprivileged women so that they can earn for themselves and support their families. Support us.


Jan 2019


Sewing Centers for Women across Bangladesh


MASTUL Foundation has trained and given sewing machines to many women in different districts of Bangladesh. The project aims to ensure the empowerment of underprivileged women so that they can earn for themselves and support their families.

 As part of the project, we also raised awareness among the community members regarding the rights of women and the importance of women being able to earn.

The project has enabled many families that were once unable to ensure education for their children or even eat three meals a day to improve overall living standards.

It is heartwarming to see women taking up the role of bread earners to support their families in a country where women are often discouraged to even go out of their houses let alone get a job.

Why MASTUL’S Sewing Project is So Important

Women in Bangladesh, especially in underprivileged societies are not allowed to lead the life that a man can. They are told to stay at home, cook, clean, and raise children. 

Outgoing women are frowned upon and become the object of controversy. Women are unable to get jobs and they are often victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse by their husbands. The abuse usually has something to do with money. So women are stuck in a position where they are not allowed to earn money and at the same time, they are victimized for not being a source of wealth for the husband. 

For this reason, underprivileged communities need to become aware of the importance of woman and their rights. Society cannot act as a barrier to women’s empowerment when the men are not able to earn enough to provide for their families. 

If a woman is allowed to work, she will be able to contribute wealth to the family and she will enjoy an elevated status in the household. Furthermore, she will have more authority and her voice will matter more. This will reduce the possibility of domestic violence and sexual abuse at home.

For this reason, MASTUL Foundations’ Sewing project not only trains and provides capital to women in underprivileged communities but also educates society about the leading role that a woman can play in their families and society.

With the help of the MASTUL Foundation, families that were once unable to feed their children are now saving up for higher education so that the next generation can escape the vicious cycle of poverty. And it is all because of enabling women to become bread earners. All it took was some training and sewing machines.

About MASUL’s Sewing Project

MASTUL Foundation is implementing the sewing project to self-employ women from underprivileged communities around the country. The mean of self-employment is by teaching how to sew apparel. The training period is 6 months. In the first training period, women received training.

A second training phase following the first Introduces trainees to advanced apparel preparation and preparing clothes for people of all ages. The women can work with any kind of material which can be used in hand sewing and handheld sewing machine. 

The trainees who attend 90 % of the classes of the first training period get to proceed to advanced training.  

Before the start of the training, 2 days of social campaigning occurs in the project area to raise awareness about women’s rights and the benefits of self-dependence among community members, especially among women & girls. 

The Objective of The Project


  1. The project empowers women and helps them to achieve self-dependency
  2. The community gets a clear idea about women rights and learn to respect women rights
  3. Increase knowledge of methods to achieve self-dependency, empowerment 
  4. Motivate women to be self-empowered by introducing self-empowerment benefits to women. 


  1. Trainee women earn their livelihood through sewing
  2. Women of the society will learn about self-dependency/empowerment from the trainee women & will be motivated to be self-dependent themselves ( 1 trainee women encourage 10 other women ) 
  3. Community people will learn about women’s rights & will learn to respect women’s rights.  

Support Us

MASTUL Foundation is doing all that it can to empower women by training them and proving them with sewing machines so that they can earn for their families and feed their children. However, our resources are limited and it is not possible to help all underprivileged families as there are simply too many people under the poverty line.

We would love to empower more women and make them self-sufficient. And we would love to build awareness among more underprivileged communities so that they understand and accept the role of women as bread earners. But to do so, we need your help.

If you are by our side then we will be able to expand our sewing and awareness-building project to help more women and their families get out of poverty in accepting societies. Donate at your earliest convenience. Whatever you can give us will empower those who are truly in need. Together, let us build a land that is women-friendly. 


Your Donation has the power to transform lives, from sheltering those who have no home, to feeding families who have endured hunger for days on end. Please, donate your Zakat/Sadaqah where the need is greatest.

Once you have calculated your Zakat/Sadaqah, or you already know what your owed amount is, you can choose to make your donation through MASTUL Foundation. Doing so will support our appeals, helping thousands of innocent lives living in poverty around the Community.

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