Introduction of MASTUL

MASTUL Foundation is a non-profit, voluntary, non-governmental, research-based charity organization. Since its establishment in 2013, MASTUL Foundation has been working for distressed humanity, especially with basic literature and ethical knowledge towards underprivileged children with the support of youth leadership.

Now, it has its own Orphanage, School, and Madrasah in Rayerbazar for underprivileged children. Until the year 2023, MASTUL’s ongoing activities are :

Mastul Mehmankhana – Feed the needy
Mastul School Feeding program
Mastul School scholarship program for scholars
Mastul Girls’ sponsorship program
Mastul Orphanage for Orphan, Semi orphan and street children
Mastul Maternal Nutrition program
Mastul Mother-Child Health program
Mastulaid – Health program especially for Road accident victims
Mastul Ambulance & Oxygen service
Mastul Empowerment Support for the Needy
Mastul Vocational Training Center for women empowerment
Mastul Wash Program
Mastul Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program
Mastul Climate Change – Tree Plantation
Mastul religious program ( Sadaqah, Zakat, Sadaqah Zariyah, Ramadan activities, Qurbani Activities )

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life of the underprivileged in the country through employment creation

Our Mission

To create a beautiful social system where there will be no poverty, no needy and hungry people, Working together to create an equal Bangladesh where social disharmony will be eliminated. The main focus will be empowering the helpless and solving unemployment problems

Our Values


The returns of our long-term commitment to investing in communities are now evident in the MASTUL Foundation’s network of educated young women. Once among the most excluded, they are professionals, social entrepreneurs, and leaders, transforming prospects for the younger generation.


We are accountable to all of our stakeholders in our communication, finances, performance measures, and results and strive for effectiveness, sustainability, and efficiency in everything we do. We adhere to recognized international standards.


We respect child rights and human rights and we believe in everyone’s innate and inalienable dignity as human beings regardless of age, gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, class, nationality, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.


We strive for continuous learning and improvement. We listen to new ideas and encourage entrepreneurial activities, innovation, creativity, and change.


We build strong, but apolitical, partnerships with government ministries. We initiate innovative partnerships between communities, government, like-minded organizations and the private sector to maximize the resources available to tackle the challenges which young people face.


We respect, protect and promote the dignity of our clients and their communities. We aim to address the debilitating effects of poverty and exclusion on an individual’s sense of self-worth and entitlement. Empowered communities can then hold governments to account.

Our Impact

The most exciting outcome of our model lies in CSD Program by which 150 children’s enrolled and completed primary school in the very first year of program. By this out of school children’s got opportunity to complete secondary school with MASTUL’s support, MASTUL harnesses the transformative potential of young people’s leadership. Youth across the country are connected to each other in rural and urban areas. Giving the dignity and opportunity to women’s to earn for their families and empower them. Within 2021 more than 5,000 children’s will be completing their primary education as the direct outcome of our current education programs, MASTUL represents an unstoppable new force for change.

Our Model

MASTUL Foundation focuses on the extraordinary potential that is unlocked through child’s education for individuals, for communities and for economies. The right process of supporting children’s to go to school massively pushes up the returns of investing in their education. Our model tackles inequality and unlocks the benefits that accrue from girls’ education, igniting a wider social movement in children’s communities. We catalyze community resources to support vulnerable children, empowering women and young educated people become a new constituency of leaders and activists at the forefront of a larger movement. Child’s education becomes the entry point for widespread systemic change.

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