Zakat’s Impact: MASTUL Foundation’s Community Transformation

One who pays Zakat, Allah will make their wealth increase” (Sahih Bukhari) Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam” (Sahih Bukhari)

Zakat is not just some money that Muslims give to those in need. Beyond this, it becomes a worthy investment for here and hereafter.  Zakat is the essential amount that Muslims have to give in the form of charity as an obligation to Allah (SWT) and there are hadiths of zakat in Islam that explain the value of this practice.

 Allah’s said,

If one gives in charity what equals (the size of) one date-fruit from the honestly-earned money and Allah accepts only the honestly earned money –Allah takes it in His right (hand) and then enlarges its reward for that person (who has given it), as anyone of you brings up his baby horse, so much so that it becomes as big as a mountain.”

(Sahih Bukhari, Vol 2, Book 24, No. 491)

Zakat means “to purify” and is an obligatory duty upon eligible Muslims once every Islamic lunar year. This act of worship charity builds a divine connection with Allah SWT. calculated at 2.5% of excess wealth, zakat is only obligatory on financial assets unused for living expenses. 

If there is a surplus remaining after meeting the necessary expenses of oneself and one’s family throughout the year from the wealth of a Muslim, and that wealth remains static in ownership for one full year, then after the completion of that year, a specified portion of that wealth is obligated to be given as Zakat according to Sharia rules


‘Nisab’ is the threshold to pay Zakat, the minimum amount of wealth one must possess before they becomes liable. Nisab calculates 87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver or cash equivalents. Only those of age, and sanity, who are not captivated, and not indebted can carry out Zakat.

Zakat must be given- 

  • The poor & needy
  • The Collectors of Zakat
  • Reconciliation of Hearts
  • Those who are enslaved/ kept captive
  • Those in Debt & In the way of Allah
  • The stranded travellers

The importance and virtues of Zakat in Islam are immeasurable. Paying Zakat during the month of Ramadan holds particular significance and is highly recommended. This is because, during this time, Allah multiplies the rewards of every righteous deed seventy times or more. 


For several years, the MASTUL Foundation has been independently carrying out social responsibilities across Bangladesh through Zakat, providing support to the impoverished, helpless, and disadvantaged people.  One significant project of the MASTUL Foundation is the ‘MASTUL Zakat Empowerment Program, which is contributing to the development of thousands of lives within its scope.

There are five main activities that MASTUL performs in their Zakat program:-

  1. Self-Reliant Project
  2. Women Empowerment Project- Sewing Machines & Centers for Women
  3. Emergency Relief Distribution Project
  4. Winter Clothes Distribution Project
  5. Orphan Sponsorship Project

You can also participate in this wonderful Zakat arrangement with us in the following ways:

  • Process to Contribute via Mobile Banking:
    1. BKASH (Payment No.) – 01730482278
    2. NAGAD (Payment No.) – 01730482279
    3. BKASH (Send-Money No.) – 01730482277 (for Communication also)
  • Online Donations:
  • Process to Contribute via Bank:
  • Islami Bank PLC
    • Account Name: MASTUL Foundation
    • Acc No: 20502050204462112
    • Dhanmondi Branch
    • Routing Number: 125261182

Other ways to donate


The City Bank PLC

Acc Name: MASTUL Foundation

Acc No: 1401873750001

New Market Branch


Routing Number: 225263527


Islami Bank PLC

Acc Name: MASTUL Foundation

Acc No: 20502050204462112

Dhanmondi Branch


Routing Number: 125261182

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BKASH (Merchant) 01730482278

NAGAD(Payment) 01730482279

NAGAD(Send Money) 01730482277

Call us on: 01730482279


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