The Quranic word “Zakat” not only carries the connotation of charity, almsgiving, official taxation, and voluntary contributions but also has a strong spiritual motive. The way the Holy Quran encourages the rich to give zakat is polite but firm. If they give to the poor when it is due, Allah will repay them many times over with blessings in this world and the next (57:11 and 73:23). This is why almsgiving is often described in the Quran as a transaction between temporary man, and Allah, who is eternal, Bountiful – the Creator of all things. The Quran says: “Who will give Allah a good loan so that he can multiply for him?” And Allah restrains and expands and you will return to Him. ”
Devoted Muslims give zakat as much as possible to avoid any hurt or insult to the recipient’s feelings. According to the guidance of the Quran, we must be careful to give the best that we have. Instead of giving zakat to hundreds of people, we can give it to a few people in the form of capital, taxi or rickshaw, etc. and make them self-reliant. It is hoped that in the future the poor who benefit from it will be able to give zakat themselves, if Allah wills.

The MASTUL Foundation organizes Zakat activities throughout the year. The MASTUL RDM Team works tirelessly to distribute Zakat from donors and sponsors to the less fortunate.

There are five main activities that MASTUL performs in their Zakat program:-

  1. Self-Reliant Project
  2. Women Empowerment Project- Sewing Machines & Centers for Women
  3. Emergency Relief Distribution Project
  4. Winter Clothes Distribution Project
  5. Orphan Sponsorship Project

Flash floods caused by prolonged heavy rains in the Sylhet area killed 41 adults and children, expelled thousands of families, and adversely affected millions of people. Many families have lost their homes, belongings, and livelihoods. MASTUL Foundation has been by the manner of the side of flood victims since the beginning of the flood at Sylhet. MASTUL has taken initiative in self–reliance and empowerment project to bring back the flood-affected humans according to the Zakat program. In this plan, MASTUL has taken the initiative to empower the 2000 people over a year.

You can also participate in this wonderful Zakat arrangement. With your grants and donations for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in remote areas …

  • Process to Contribute via Mobile Banking:
    1. BKASH (Payment No.) – 01730482278
    2. NAGAD (Payment No.) – 01730482279
    3. BKASH (Send-Money No.) – 01730482277 (for Communication also)
  • Online Donations:
  • Process to Contribute via Bank:
    1. The City Bank Limited 
      • Account Name: MASTUL Foundation
      • Account No: 1401873750001
      • New Market Branch
      • SWIFT Code – CIBLBDDH
      • Routing Number: 225263527
    2. Islami Bank Limited
      • Account Name: MASTUL Foundation
      • Acc No: 20502050204462112
      • Dhanmondi Branch
      • SWIFT Code: IBBLBDDH
      • Routing Number: 125261182
    3. BRAC Bank Limited
      • Account Name: MASTUL Foundation
      • Account No: 1547104949118001
      • Dhanmondi Branch
      • SWIFT Code: BRAKBDDH
      • Routing Number: 060261205

Other ways to donate


The City Bank Ltd.

Acc Name: MASTUL Foundation

Acc No: 1401873750001

New Market Branch


Routing Number: 225263527


Brac Bank Limited

Acc Name: MASTUL Foundation

Acc No: 1547104949118001

Dhanmondi Branch


Routing Number: 060261205

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BKASH(Merchant) 01730482278

NAGAD(Payment) 01730482279

NAGAD(Send Money) 01730482277

Call us on: 01730482279


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