MASTUL Foundation targets to provide free food packages for more than 20,000 families in the upcoming Ramadan

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  • March 5, 2023

Ramiz mia could not believe that this food pack was for him. Repeatedly he was asking “Literally you are bringing these for me? Is it for my family? Oh! I am really thankful to you.” 

This was the story of the last Ramadan- Ramiz was a poor rickshaw puller.  He was agitated about managing all the necessary commodities for the upcoming Ramadan. After all day hard-working, he just parked his rickshaw beside the road and sat vacantly. 

Maybe he was thinking about his plight and about the harsh reality of life! 

At that time, a team of MASTUL came next to him and gave him a bag. Initially, he did not understand anything. This team was mainly a dedicated volunteer team of the MASTUL Foundation. 

They were distributing free Ramadan Food Pack door to door and street to street for underprivileged people. And when the Rickshaw puller Ramiz got that food pack he was surprised and became very emotional. 

Yes! Like the Ramiz, a considerable number of poor families got free food packs during the last Ramadan. And it gave them massive support to celebrate the holy month without any hassle. 

And even this Ramadan, MASTUL Foundation is taking the same initiative for the needy and helpless people. Especially, this year MASTUL has the plan to engage more people and help more poor families with the free food pack.


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