Sadaqah is a charity given voluntarily to please God. It also describes a voluntary act of kindness toward another, whether through generosity, love, compassion, or faith. These acts are not necessarily physical or monetary. Simple acts of kindness like a smile or a helping hand are considered actions of sadaqah. Anyone can give sadaqah with any amount. Some of the companions of the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) were extremely generous in giving sadaqah, they often gave away much wealth and kept only enough to meet their needs. A good balance for us might be dividing our wealth between what we need, savings and sadaqah. The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) did charity throughout the year but increased his sadaqah during Ramadan. Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) is the most generous of all, and he is the most generous in the month of Ramadan” (Hadith, Bukhari).
It is believed that the reward for Sadaqah is so great that it can continue long after an individual dies, as long as others continue to feel the benefits of that action. Sadaqah protects from tragedies and protects judgment day. When a person starts giving Sadaqah to the poor and needy, he helps to meet their needs and ultimately helps to establish social equality. Sadaqah is also considered a means of combating illness and bad luck. Sadaqah is not limited to any particular person; instead, every believer is required to do this type of charity as it includes all kinds of good deeds.

The MASTUL Foundation organizes Sadaqah activities throughout the year. The MASTUL RDM Team works tirelessly to distribute Sadaqah from donors and sponsors to the less fortunate.

There are five main activities that MASTUL performs in their Sadaqah program:-

  • Rehabilitation
  • Construction of the mosque
  • Repair and reconstruction of madrassa and school
  • Repair or build an orphanage
  • Installation of tube wells
  • Construction of the gosalkhana

Flash floods caused by prolonged heavy rains in the Sylhet area killed 41 adults and children, expelled thousands of families, and adversely affected millions of people. Many families have lost their homes, belongings, and livelihoods. MASTUL Foundation has been by the manner of the side of flood victims since the beginning of the flood at Sylhet. MASTUL has taken initiative in flood rehabilitation to bring back the flood-affected humans according to the Sadaqah program. In this plan, MASTUL has taken the initiative to rebuild the 1000 reconstructions over a year that are completely damaged.

You can also participate in this wonderful Sadaqah arrangement. With your grants and donations, you can rehabilitate and develop disadvantaged and vulnerable people in remote areas …

Participate as much as you can in the construction of damaged houses-

  • Bun = 72 feet of tin (0.38mm) (8 tins of 9 feet)
  • 1 tin- 600 taka
  • 2 tins – 1200 Tk
  • 3 tins – 1800 Tk
  • 4 tins – 2400 Tk
  • 1 bun tin (8) – 4800 Tk
  • 1 Bamboo (Khuti) – 100 Taka
  • 5 Bamboo (Khuti) – 500 Taka
  • 10 Bamboo (Khuti) – 1000 Taka
  • 10 bricks – 90 Taka
  • 100 bricks – 900 Taka
  • 1 sack of cement – 460 taka
  • 1 cement block – 900 Taka
  • 1 CFT Wood – 800 Tk
  • 1 full Door – 2600 Tk
  • 1 full Window- 2300 Tk
  • Iron Angle- 3100 Tk
  • Process to Contribute via Mobile Banking:
    1. BKASH (Payment No.) – 01730482278
    2. NAGAD (Payment No.) – 01730482279
    3. BKASH (Send-Money No.) – 01730482277 (for Communication also)
  • Online Donations:
  • Process to Contribute via Bank:
    1. The City Bank Limited 
      • Account Name: MASTUL Foundation
      • Account No: 1401873750001
      • New Market Branch
      • SWIFT Code – CIBLBDDH
      • Routing Number: 225263527
    2. Islami Bank Limited
      • Account Name: MASTUL Foundation
      • Acc No: 20502050204462112
      • Dhanmondi Branch
      • SWIFT Code: IBBLBDDH
      • Routing Number: 125261182
    3. BEAC Bank Limited
      • Account Name: MASTUL Foundation
      • Account No: 1547104949118001
      • Dhanmondi Branch
      • SWIFT Code: BRAKBDDH
      • Routing Number: 060261205

Other ways to donate


The City Bank Ltd.

Acc Name: MASTUL Foundation

Acc No: 1401873750001

New Market Branch


Routing Number: 225263527


Brac Bank Limited

Acc Name: MASTUL Foundation

Acc No: 1547104949118001

Dhanmondi Branch


Routing Number: 060261205

Pay Online
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BKASH(Payment) 01730482278

BKASH(Send Money) 01730482277

NAGAD(Payment) 01730482279

NAGAD(Send Money) 01730482277

Call us on: 01730482279


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