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  • March 25, 2020

When was the last time we thought about the fact that we are a member of the human species? For most of us, this aspect of our identity is not front and center. More relevant are things like gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, political party, sports team affiliations, and all of our other group’s memberships, large and small. Not only do we stake our identity and often also our sense of self-worth in these groups, but we tend to be more helpful towards those who belong to them, often at the expense of those who do not. A significant minority of people, however, seem less concerned with group distinctions.

We MASTUL Foundation, the youth of the nation dream of a country where all the people will live in peace, love, humanity, brotherhood. We want to make a significant move by which people will stand by each other and will share their love to other. People from every walk of life will be thanked for their kind service and dedication towards humanity and mankind.

In Bangladesh every year thousands of people of every age celebrate 14th February, The Valentine’s Day. The huge number of event, programs, concerts, TV shows been organized regarding this day. For young people, particularly in the cities, the day is special and celebrated with their beloved one. Right now, MASTUL Foundation is planning to create awareness among all ages of people about the rights of human being. Every class of people should be treated equal and respected. The people who are getting deprived of these rights and our ways to provide them support. For this cause, MASTUL has taken initiative arrange a social awareness development program.

This project proposal is for showing love, respect, and thankfulness towards every people from all walks of our life. It falls under social awareness and kindness activity as the program focus is to thank the people who provide service for people.

The definition of Love is alright but the lifestyle of people has been changed with industrialization. So in this present strategy, the definition of Love is searched in the books or internet. And it’s tasted only by the reading of Romeo – Juliet or Cleopatra – Mark Antony. But is true Love found in them or its spread all over and in everybody?

First Initiative of Project Love For All in 2014

14th February the Valentine Day. However the day is celebrated, the volunteers of MASTUL Foundation will organize a different way in order to spread the fragrance of Love. That day the volunteer will show their Love by giving rose beside their family for those people who Love us the whole year by serving us.

Maybe they are rickshaw puller, hawker, shopkeeper, flower seller, street children, jhalmuri seller, betel leaf seller, chotpoti seller, nut seller, laborer, driver, maid, cleaner or guard…. Why should they deprive of Love on Valentine Day? Why will we not Love them?

A short film made by MASTUL Foundation

The mission of this program is creating awareness among people about the social equitability and motivates them to create positive thoughts about every occupation as there is a lot of a good example in society and we should accept them. Other than those teaching volunteers and young people’s courtesy, modesty, manners, behoove, etiquette, civility and noble ways to act and behave is also a part of the program.


The vision of this program is to reveal inner good of every people and social brotherhood of the people. By giving their deserved respect and developing the thoughts people which will pave the way to the acclamation of their rights and respect.

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