Founder and Executive Director, Kazi Reaz Rahman Greets Honorable Advisor of MASTUL Fondation, Shakib Al Hasan

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  • June 17, 2021

Bangladesh national cricketer, and one of the world’s best all-rounders, Shakib Al Hasan donated an ambulance to MASTUL Foundation at the beginning of the corona pandemic to bury infected corpses. So far, MASTUL Foundation has buried hundreds of corona-infected dead bodies. MASTUL is also providing free oxygen and ambulance service to living corona patients.

Kazi Reaz Rahman, the founder and executive director of MASTUL Foundation expressed his gratitude to the international superstar with a bouquet. It was a symbol of appreciation for all that Shakib Al Hasan has done.


Shakib Al Hasan was overjoyed to learn about the humanitarian activities that MASTUL Foundation takes part in. He hopes to stay with MASTUL Foundation in the days ahead. Furthermore, Shakib is happy to stand by the disadvantaged people of Bangladesh by assuming the position of honorary advisor at MASTUL.

Barrister Chisti Iqbal, Advisor to MASTUL Foundation and Shakib Al Hasan Foundation was present during the occasion. He praised all the hard work that MASTUL Foundation has done and continues to do.

Kazi Reaz Rahman, Founder and Executive Director of MASTUL Foundation, said, “We are honored and delighted to have Shakib Al Hasan, the world-famous cricketer of Bangladesh, as the honorable advisor of MASTUL Foundation”.

Mr. Reaz went on to say, “ Shakib Al Hasan Foundation and MASTUL Foundation will work on the field tirelessly to manage, supervise and implement humanitarian activities on a basis of mutual understanding. The aim and purpose are to serve the disadvantaged people in society.

It is worth noting that MASTUL Foundation is a social organization registered by the Government of Bangladesh. MASTUL has its own school and in addition to that, it has been assisting 1100 disadvantaged poor students in 22 schools, in 12 districts. MASTUL provides all educational materials including school bags, shoes, socks, books, and notebooks. In addition, proper health, nutritious food, child rights, and basic needs are insured.

MASTUL Foundation also has an Orphan Shelter Home for children who do not have parents. There are over fifty residential and nonresidential orphan children who are under our care. MASTUL also has a sewing training center that empowers underprivileged women by developing skills that will help generate an income source. Apart from this, 250 people have been made self-reliant through empowerment projects.

Bathing dead bodies infected with corona, The performance of their last rites and burial have been professionally conducted by MASTUL Foundation in this corona pandemic. Remember that MASTUL has free oxygen and ambulance services for the helpless and poor. So call 01730482279 for help whenever you need it. MASTUL is here for you.


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