Hygiene Education and Awareness Program for School Children’s

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  • April 11, 2018

General Hygiene is greatly at stake in the poverty-stricken areas. Thus the awareness and preventions are taking up the major goal in the future plans.

Proper hygiene practice is the key to good health. Although in many areas of Bangladesh, especially the rural areas- slums or the outskirts of the city barely the minimum habit of hygiene is found. We, MASTUL Foundation has campaigned or has done a project with the hope of building awareness and start the practice with the ignorant at one of our project school in Jhauchar, Hazaribag. Total 50 children’s aged 5-12 participated in this program which was held on 9th April 2018.

Every Child’s got the knowledge how to brush properly, about washing hand before eating and after using toilets, how to be neat and clean, drinking safe and pure water etc. Each child got a hygiene kit so that they can start the practice of good hygiene from the day included Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Body Soap, Shampoo, Detergent Powder, and Soap. N.B. Hygiene also included nail cutter, oral saline, sanitary kits, water purifying tablets etc. which was not given on the following program.

Children’s were so delighted after getting the mini hygiene kits cause some of them getting this kind of hygiene gift first. Jannat (5 years old) said to one of MASTUL’s team member, “Sir, Thank you so much, I was asking for the soap to my parents from the last week, but they couldn’t buy me one”. Then he gave her another one and told to reserve that for next month. The situation of our children’s family is very discriminated as they do not have a proper supply of their daily necessities. They have to cut 80% of their income on food only and other 20% spend on house rent. There are few families who can save 5-10% for the health-related issue.

All the participated child’s all are connected to Child Sponsorship and Development Program of MASTUL Foundation and getting most their needful support by the help of the program which they need most to read and grow healthy.

MASTUL has been teaching children and young people about the importance of safe hygiene practices, as they are open to new ideas and changes. It is more difficult for adults to modify their habits, especially when these are deeply rooted in a person’s culture. Some Parents of children’s was also present at the program and they also learned about the good hygiene practices.

In the national survey, a greater number of primary schools adjacent to sampled households with 24% secondary schools enrolled. Households from urban areas were more likely to be near secondary schools compared to rural areas (secondary schools: rural: 23%, urban: 31%, 10 years of age selected as respondents compared to rural schools. This is the recent condition of the hygiene practice in our country.

In the past years, the number of hygiene corner has seen to be increasing. Through all the hard work on time spent by the government and nongovernment organization, the positive result is visual. Hygiene education is very prominent in every kind of school throughout the whole country in diversified stages.

During program children’s participated with the program speakers actively. Some of them came to the front and described how should they brush their teeth and wash their hand after the meal and using toilets. Some children’s and parents share what have they learned from the program. After program bread, jam, tang been served to feed children’s.

MASTUL Foundation and its child sponsorship and development is focusing other child rights and needs besides education. MASTUL has planned some awareness and child developing the program in Health, Nutrition, Entertainment, Water, Hygiene, and Sanitation Sector.  Hygiene awareness program is one which aims to aware children’s and their parents for a good hygiene practice.

By this program, each month more than 200 children’s are being educated on Hygiene Education and others healthy living practices. MASTUL intends to run these program each month in different schools from that community even where MASTUL didn’t reach yet. Combine effort of MASTUL Team, volunteers, child sponsors, and donors will make this intention fruitful.

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