MASTUL Foundation empowers almost 21 helpless families from Bamna, Borguna

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  • September 11, 2023

Bamna, Borguna-One of the underprivileged areas of Bangladesh, the MASTUL Foundation has assisted almost 21 families in that region as the ongoing part of the “Zakat Empowerment Program”. 

This humanitarian organisation is on a mission to make a tangible improvement in the lives of vulnerable people. As part of this unwavering target, several people are getting access to empowerment and getting rid of marginal poverty. Remarkably the latest endeavor of MASTUL at Bamna just touched another milestone in this journey. 

Typically, this “Zakat Empowerment initiative” focuses on opening access to empowerment and fostering economic stability. This approach ensures that the impact of their efforts is both immediate and sustainable.

Among the families that benefited from this initiative, five were provided with cows, empowering them to engage in cattle farming. Another family received an auto-rickshaw, opening up new opportunities in the transportation sector. For those interested in entrepreneurship, supplies for six tea stalls were distributed, enabling families to start their businesses. Additionally, six families received fabric for tailoring, while one family received materials to establish a shoe repair shop. Furthermore, one family was equipped with goods to set up a grocery store, and another received the necessary materials to start a chicken farming venture.

The MASTUL Foundation’s commitment to addressing poverty in Bangladesh remains unwavering. By extending a helping hand to these 21 families, they aim to uplift their living standards and empower them to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Apart from showcasing the MASTUL’s level of dedication, this initiative also highlights the potential of Zakat funds to bring about transformative change within communities

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