MASTUL is determined to stop dropout of any child’s school as Hridoy

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  • March 25, 2020

In December 20 while our survey we met a boy whose smile was so delighted and his name was Hridoy. He was playing with other child from his slum where he lives with his parents and younger sister. Still we can frame that smile with closing eye.

During survey we talked to Mr. Shajahan, father of Hridoy who works with his Elder brother. There he Pushes Wheelbarrow (Thelagari locally called) with load. He often takes bricks, sands and other constructional goods like cements, steel etc. on his wheelbarrow. He earns only 200-300 taka a day and sometimes he doesn’t get any work. So that his wife, Mrs. Laizu had to work outside to earn more for family. She cooks food, washes clothes and cleans floor and household work in other houses and flats. Hridoy has a younger sister, Mim who didn’t start going school yet.

Hridoy’s younger sister mim.


They live in a slum near Jhawchar under Hazaribag thana which is one of the most undeveloped area of Dhaka. Mim plays with her cousin sister who lives next to their home.

Because of incapability his family Hridoy wasn’t enrolled in school but he was 6 years old boy who should go to school. Once Hridoy was admitted into school in 2016 but monthly school fees and regular cost became burden to his family. So that Hridoy had to stop his school at the age of 6.

Hridoy is growing with care and love


Hridoy dreamed to be a CID officer as he loves to watch a popular TV show named CID. He wants to catch criminals and put them into the jail for their crime. But that little boy who could be a CID Officer in future wasn’t going to school. This thought touched our heart and one of our sponsor sponsored Hridoy. Then he started school in local kindergarten at play.

Hridoy colored an elephant on his drawing book


Through our sponsorship program Hridoy met his sponsor once. She brought cake, snacks and gifts when she visited hridoy. He got a drawing book and a box of a color pencil in gift. Now he is fond of drawing and playing with color.

Child sponsorship brings many positive changes into his and his parent’s life. Next year his sister will also go to the school. Every child who belongs to school must go to the school. MASTUL will make a bridge between them and their school.


You can be a hope for any child who needs your support, simply by sponsoring a child.

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