MASTUL Social Force Inspires Youth via Volunteerism

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  • December 28, 2023

MASTUL Social Force (MSF) is an integral part of the MASTUL Foundation, where a massive number of youths are involved.

This group of youth contribute selflessly, dedicating their time, effort, and sacrifice to assist society’s neglected, disadvantaged, and helpless people. Through their collective efforts, the MASTUL Foundation is reaching out to provide food, free medical services, blood donations for needy patients, burial services, ambulance services, and oxygen support. Working behind the scenes of society, MSF focuses on serving marginalized communities.

The Founder and Executive Director of the MASTUL Foundation, Mr. Kazi Reaz Rahman says,-

In the mechanized life when everyone is busy in the race of competition, a group of young people is working selflessly for the betterment of humanity. They are constantly trying to illuminate the dark corners of society.”

MASTUL Social Force

MSF volunteers, associated with various programs of the MASTUL Foundation, work with enthusiasm, love, and compassion. Through their work, they strive to bring about at least some positive change in the lives of the vulnerable and privileged. With great enthusiasm and dedication, MSF volunteers operate in various regions of Bangladesh, contributing to the programs of the MASTUL Foundation.

MASTUL Social Force volunteers express, “We stand by the side of the helpless, getting to know their sorrows and many unknown stories. Our efforts in these programs will help them lead a somewhat healthy and normal life.”

Volunteer Nabil adds, “When one comes out of the concrete-made life, becoming a volunteer and getting the opportunity to work, I cannot express the peace I feel. Many thanks to the MASTUL Foundation for creating such a platform.”

These volunteers inspire a new generation through the MASTUL Social Force (MSF). Working as a team brings a unique joy, increasing the possibility of achieving MSF’s goals. Their enthusiasm and empathy serve as a unique example for our society, creating a beautiful society through their work.

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