To transform the mourning month into strength, the MASTUL Foundation has distributed sewing machines to more than half of the helpless women

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  • September 3, 2023

On August 15th, National Mourning Day is observed in Bangladesh. To transform this day of mourning into strength, the MASTULL Foundation has provided sewing machines to 15 vulnerable women in society. On the evening of August 15th, Tuesday, at 4 PM, an official event was held at the courtyard of Taqwa Mosque in Dhanmondi. The event was organised in collaboration with Taqwa Mosque and supported by Mr. Mohammad Saiful Islam, the Khateeb of Taqwa Mosque, and the Takwa Society.

MASTULl Foundation’s Executive Director, Kazi Reaz Rahman, and Project Officer, Mohammad Al-Amin Sikder, were present during this remarkable initiative for the country’s economic development. Also in attendance were Takwa Society’s President, Mr Rezaul Haque, Secretary Nazrul Islam, and Khateeb Mr. Mohammad Saiful Islam of Taqwa Mosque.

The Founder and Executive director of the MASTUL Foundation, Mr. Md. Kazi Riaz Rahman, stated, “In Surah Al-Imran, Verse 110, Allah has introduced humanity in such a way that you are the best nation created for the well-being of mankind. We believe in Islam’s principles of distributing Zakat to uplift the lives of deserving individuals. “The Taqwa Mosque’s chief Imam, Mr. Saiful Islam, expressed gratitude to the MASTUL Foundation for its collaboration in selecting deserving beneficiaries for the sewing machines based on Sharia principles.

Mr Rezaul Haque, the president of the Takwa Society, appreciated the MASTUL efforts in improving the lives of marginalised people in Bangladesh. He emphasised the importance of learning from each other and working together for the betterment of society.

Mr. Saiful Islam, the chief Imam of Taqwa Mosque, highlighted the Sharia guidelines for Zakat distribution, which involves giving items or resources that contribute to improving the recipients’ lives. He commended the Mastul Foundation for its accurate selection and distribution of sewing machines to 15 women based on their needs. He also mentioned that the MASTUL Foundation has various other projects, including mosque construction, wheelchair distribution, tube well projects, and the Zakat Self-reliance Project, which empowers deserving individuals.


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