Raising Zakat Awareness: MASTUL Foundation’s Impactful Zakat Conference

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  • March 7, 2024

On March 4, 2024 (Monday), the MASTUL Foundation, in collaboration with the Al Zakat Sadaqa Foundation, organised the “Zakat Conference 2024” at the prestigious Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka. 

The primary objective of this Zakat Conference was to establish effective mechanisms for distributing Zakat to the underprivileged and to amplify awareness about the significance of Zakat. The event delved into discussions on poverty alleviation in Dhaka, drawing insights from renowned religious figures, Zakat experts, social workers, and philanthropists, alongside dedicated MASTUL employees.

Prominent figures such as Islamic scholar and researcher Mufti Dr. Muhammad Khalilur Rahman Madani, Dr. Mahmmod Hasan Islamic Scholar & Professor Dhaka University, and high-ranking officials like Kamrul Islam Chowdhury (Joint Secretary, BRAC))and other prominent figures graced the occasion as speakers and guests.

Zakat Conference

The conference unfolded in three parts. The initial segment featured distinguished religious figures shedding light on the significance and virtues of Zakat.

Subsequently, discussions revolved around the proper methods and effective arrangements for Zakat distribution to the less fortunate. As a result, the final segment focused on broadening Zakat distribution awareness among the general public, offering participants comprehensive insights and solutions to various Zakat-related queries.

Mr A.H.M Shafiquzzaman Director General (Additional Secretary) of National Consumers’ Right Protection expressed his support, stating, “Zakat transcends financial assistance; it is a measure of social justice. I commend the MASTUL Foundation for this initiative.”

Dr Muhammad Ayub Mia, CEO of CEDM, emphasized, “Zakat distribution upholds the sanctity of our wealth.”

Mr. Kazi Reaz Rahman, the Founder and Executive Director of MASTUL Foundation, articulated, “The Zakat conference’s true purpose is to foster awareness among all individuals. So we remain committed to encouraging everyone to contribute to Zakat.”

The “Zakat Conference Program” has proven instrumental in elevating Zakat awareness and inspiring individuals to actively engage in Zakat giving. Attendees not only gained insights into the correct methods of Zakat distribution but also had the opportunity to contribute to this noble cause.

Al Zakat Sadaqa Foundation, Ready Bangladesh, Center for Zakat Management, Pan Pacific Sonargaon, and numerous other organizations stood as supporting partners for the Zakat Conference, collectively advancing the cause of compassionate giving and social justice.

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