300 taka rice pack for laborer

MASTUL Foundation takes the ‘300 Taka Rice Pack’ initiative for the day laborer. The purpose is to provide them with a bit of assistance for a better living. 

Within 5 kg of rice which is worth 300 taka, you can ensure a massive contribution to them.  

The matter of plight is that the day laborer work hard to provide food for their families. Sometimes they don’t even get food. Though this is very less for them, it will reduce their suffering for some time being. 

Your Contribution can make a difference in the lives of day laborer.  

Here’s how you can make a difference:

Sponsor a Meal:

A humble donation of 300 Taka can ensure a rice pack for a day laborer.

Monthly Giving, Lifelong Impact:

Become a monthly donor and be the steady support these day laborer deserve, ensuring they receive food consistently.

Empower Through Collaboration:

We extend our hand to businesses and organizations, inviting them to join forces with us. Together, we can elevate social responsibility and create a collective change.

Spread the Compassion:

Share our cause with your circles, amplifying our impact. By reaching more hearts, we extend the reach of our mission.

Your contribution is more than a donation; it is a step towards making our missions fulfilled. Let’s unite in our commitment to the people, we can ensure that nobody will suffer from hunger.


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