Tubewell Setup: Providing Access to Clean Water

“The MASTUL Foundation’s TubeWell Project is a significant initiative. Through this program, thousands of people are getting the opportunity to drink clean water. Due to the lack of safe and conscious water practices, vulnerable individuals in our society are still suffering from various diseases, solely due to the absence of clean water. Safe water is a fundamental right for all of us. 

The MASTUL Foundation is working on tubewell installation projects in various regions across Bangladesh. MASTUL has undertaken initiatives to install over a hundred tube wells in areas identified as lacking safe water, ensuring that no one loses their life due to the lack of safe water.

Already, the MASTUL Foundation has installed Tubewells in many districts, including remote areas like Gaibandha, Rangpur, and Dinajpur. With the support of our well-wishers, we can meet the target to complete our noble target of setting tubwells in all of the required areas.

With your modest contribution and with your support, we can make a lasting impact. Your small contribution can change the lives of many people.”


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